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Service Provider Website Assistant Location Dedicated Assistant Pricing Per Month Pricing Per Hour Minimum Hours Minimum Term VAL Rating Comments VAL Rating 100% USA $549/Mo Minimum $45.75/Hr 12 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Zirtual, a known brand in the virtual assistant space made a return years ago after undergoing business changes. At a minimum of 12 hours per month, they offer a plan fit for those not needing many hours but does have one of the highest hourly rates. 3/5 Guatemala, Philippines, & Kenya $1,450/Mo Minimum $26.37/Hr 55 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Offers a dedicated assistant and month-to-month term flexibility but priced higher than typically expected for an offshore service provider. 2/5 100% USA $225/Mo for Dedicated $45/Hr 5 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Fancy Hands is a known brand in the virtual assistant space, offering both a task based service and dedicated service. Both services being US based. Their dedicated service offers an attractive low 5 hrs/mo plan which is great for those not needing many hours but the rate is a bit high. 4/5 UK & USA $360/Mo Minimum $36/Hr 10 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Offers an assistant in the UK or US based on your location and attractive hourly rate and term to be used for both short and long-term assistance. 4/5
Uassist.ME El Salvador $300/Mo Minimum $30/Hr 10 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Low monthly minimum at just 10 hours is great for users who don't need that many hours but at a starting rate of $30/hr and no dedicated assistant, there are more attractive options available for offshore service providers. 1/5 100% USA $350/Mo Minimum $35/Hr 10 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Offers a 100% US based dedicated assistant with an hourly rate expected of a US based assistant and a low minimum number of hours. Great for short and long-term assistance. 4/5 100% USA Belay offers a dedicated U.S. based virtual assistant but lacks transparency when it comes to pricing and terms. Users must go through a consultation (sales call) to obtain further information which may be a hurdle to those shopping around to save time. 1/5 India, Mexico, Phillipines $599/Mo Minimum $7.49/Hr 80 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Offers a dedicated assistant, priced economically for an offshore service provider, and month-to-month term flexibility. 3/5 Latin America & Southeast Asia $10/Hr for Full-Time & $12/Hr for Part-Time 30 Days At an hourly rate starting at $10 for a full-time hire and $12 for a part-time hire, the rates can be attractive but with no dedicated assistant and lack of transparency on what the monthly minimum commitment is without having to go through the process of a consultation, this adds another step for a user to go through when most users are already looking to save time. 1/5 100% USA $1,200/Mo Minimum $48/Hr 25 Hrs/Mo 30 Days At minimum of 25 hours per month and a starting rate of $48/hr, Delegated may not be the best fit for those requiring less hours or just getting their feet wet using a US based virtual assistant but they do offer US based college educated virtual assistants. 3/5 USA & Europe $2,200/Mo Minimum $55/hr 40 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Depending on your preference, Boldly can offer you an assistant based in the US or in Europe. Their service is marketed as being a premium service but at a starting rate of $55/hr and minimum commitment of 40 hours per month. Users may want to explore other options on this list first if they are price sensitive. 3/5 Phillipines $1,988/Mo Minimum 1 Year With no dedicated assistant, a minimum of $1,988/month and no transparency on how many hours that monthly commitment includes on top of having a 1 year minimum term agreement, other options are recommended. 1/5 India $129/Mo Minimum $12.90/Hr 10 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Priced economically and offers a low minimum commitment of just 10 hours per month at a month-to-month term but does not offer a dedicated assistant. 2/5 Phillipines $899/Mo Minimum $22.48/Hr 40 Hrs/Mo 30 Days Offers flexibility of month-to-month term but no dedicated assistant, hourly rate is a bit high for an offshore service provider and minimum hourly commitment may be high for users that need less hours. 1/5

Reviews are from independent research findings based on factors such as where assistants are located, if the assigned assistant is rotating vs dedicated, pricing and transparency of pricing. Additional virtual assistant service providers reviewed in comparisons section. If you find any data presented in error or needs to be updated and are a representative of any of the service providers or from an independent research firm, please contact us by visiting here.

What to look for in a Virtual Assistant Service


Consider where your assistant is located and if this matters to you when it comes to communication, comprehension & security. Virtual Assistants can be located in the USA or offshore.


Depending on why you’re hiring a Virtual Assistant, the level of experience your Virtual Assistant has will matter based on your needs and requirements. Find out what type of experience they have.


Some Virtual Assistant service providers may require you to communicate through their application while some may allow you the flexibility to communicate how you want to.

Dedicated vs Rotating

If your needs do not require the same Virtual Assistant for every task, having a rotating Virtual Assistant may not be important to you. If you require the same Virtual Assistant for every task, a long-term project, or need a semi-permanent staffing solution, considering a Dedicated Virtual Assistant may be the right choice for you.


Pricing can vary depend on factors that include Virtual Assistant location, experience, whether the service provider offers a Dedicated Assistant, and term length. Offshore services will typically be priced lower while USA based will be priced higher but the latter may provide less onboarding time and communication challenges and increased security measures.


Transparency is going to be key when it comes to selecting the right Virtual Assistant service provider. Is the pricing clearly advertised on their site? Are there any hidden fees? What is the minimum term? How is your Virtual Assistant time usage being tracked and do you have access? These questions should be easily answered on a provider’s site.

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